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【Gives Us Hope】

Sometimes, it's just the little things...

Gives Me Hope
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This community is based off of GivesMeHope.com which was founded in May 2009 in response to the popular site, FMyLife.com (FML). On FML, people share stories explaining how their day was completely ruined. GivesMeHope.com is a positive spin on FML.

Some stories just cannot be contained in 350 characters, and those stories moved to Livejournal. It started off as a meme, but all those magnificent stories deserved to be documented, and the idea became something much more; it turned into this community.
This community is for sharing those stories that inspire hope within you--random acts of kindness, your own experiences, overheard conversations--that cannot be limited to just 350 characters; this includes long stories, images, music and videos! Whatever fills you with hope or inspiration!

Because with all of the hurt and suffering in the world, who couldn't use a few more reasons to hope each day?

1. All posts must be on topic
2. Do not advertise other communities or websites without going through a mod.
3. Please try to keep all entries PG-13. We do not want to adult-lock this comm.
4. Be nice in comments! This is a happy community; we're all here to be made a little happier, not be put down.
5. Images larger than 300x300px must be under a cut to avoid page stretching.

awkwardjonas: Anne, 25, Changed the way she is playing the hand she has been dealt.
raved: Casey, 20, A Girl who did not so much Fall as Saunter Vaguely Downwards
tahu: Cassy, 19, Trusting her force and heading for The Garden of Madness.

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